Tale: Toddler Time at Rockin’ Jump

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9 to 11, Rockin’ Jump in Miramar has “Rockin’ Tots,” a two-hour block of time dedicated to the littles up to age 6. It’s just $7 for both tot and parent, additional siblings are just $3. You’ll need their special jump socks (if you don’t have them already) and those are also $3 a pair. Considering jump time is $11 for 30 minutes during regular hours, this is an amazing steal. (NOTE: Children over 6 years old are not allowed, which is a bummer for us because Bubba is 12 so we never get to do this together, but we have other events we do together…more on that in future blog posts :p)

Our little Baby Belle is a tiny ball of energy. And she LOVES to jump. But taking her to the trampoline parks when all the other kids and adults are there is downright terrifying. Yes, they have a 6 and under section, but there’s always the stray over-sixer running around in there, looming over our tiny tot and scaring the heck out of me. She also always wants to go where Bubba is, but she’s not allowed where he is and he’s not allowed where she is, so that basically means she’s pissed and/or sad the entire time. So I absolutely LOVE the toddler time because it’s all tiny people like her and she can go wherever she wants.

They play Disney music and, thankfully, turn off the arcade games. Baby Belle loves to press the buttons, but since the lights are off I can easily say “Oh, it’s broken” and she will move on without crying “press, mommy, pressssssss!” And since none of the other kids are playing either, she doesn’t give me that little pout that makes me feel like the devil incarnate for being the mommy that showed up without quarters or cash so she can play too.

Throughout the arena there are couches and massage chairs set up with TVs that show live video of the play areas. They look comfortable. I wouldn’t particularly know because my child is not the type to let mommy ever sit down and just chill while she plays. Once she learned the phrase “Come here,” she’s been reaching her tiny hand out to me beckoning me to her side. So, if you’re lucky enough to get to sit, there are places for it and they appear to be comfy. Let me know how it is. It seems glorious.

The foam block pit is AH-MAY-ZING. My child freakin’ loves this thing. Heck, I do too. She jumps in, lets me throw her in and just lounges around on the cushy blocks. It is ridiculously fun. It can get crowded because it’s such a favorite place to be, but it’s awesome. I will say that it’s not particularly easy to get out of, and if you can do so gracefully, my hat’s off to you because I look like a zombie with a broken leg dragging itself out of quicksand trying to climb my way out, if my husband’s amused smile as he watches me (and lack of hand to help me out) is anything to go by.

During the summer, the place is air conditioned, which is awesome. I actually have a sun allergy, so anyplace that’s indoors AND entertains my kids is fantastic. But during the winter (I know, I know, “winter” in San Diego is not real winter, but it’s cold to us, okay?) they do not have heat. So either bundle up or jump cuz it is cold in there. As stated earlier, I am not allowed to sit, so I was warm from chasing Baby Belle around and jumping on command for over an hour, but when we sat down for a snack, yup, it was chilly. This is the face Baby Belle gave me when I attempted to put her jacket on (she thought I was trying to take her home before she’d decided it was time to go) so next time, I will just bring a blanket.

The snack bar isn’t open, which really doesn’t affect us as our girl doesn’t like most snack bar food and the hours aren’t really “snack bar food time,” but just the same, come prepared. As soon as your little sees another child with a pouch, a goldfish, a fruit snack, a anything, they will suddenly be starving and NEED whatever goodie they saw someone else eating. Well, this is how mine functions, at least. So bring snacks and water. It’s allowed. Whatever it takes to keeps this little nugget laughing and smiling.

Honestly, the Rockin’ Tots is such a major mommy win that we do it at least once a month. It costs next to nothing, Baby Belle loves it (I mean, look at that face!), it’s perfect for rainy or super cold or super hot days, it gets her around other kids and me around grownups (cuz sometimes I can go days without any adult conversation besides my husband and texting friends and this mama really needs the company), and it helps to close my activity ring (which can be so hard to do sometimes even though I swear I never get a moment to rest!) before lunchtime. Extra bonus…it ends right at lunchtime and she passes out on the way home. I’m not sure who loves Rockin’ Tots more, me or the tot, but it’s definitely in our regular rotation of activities and easily one of our top 3!

NOTE: The Miramar location also has this on Saturdays from 8 to 10, but we are not only never out of the house before 8 on a Saturday (unless Disneyland is involved), but Saturday mornings are for Bubba, so we’ve never been to those. Check your local location for their exact dates and times.

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